Sunday, 16 June 2013

Winston The Kitten

Look how cute he is! Me and my boyfriend got a kitten today, and we already love him so much. His name is Winston and he's 16 weeks old, he's super tiny and has a cute little eye patch. He's going to be like a new best friend to me, and I'm really looking forward to being his mum! 

I think if you can, you should buy your kitten from a shelter. Unfortunately we couldn't, but we bought him from a lovely lady who shelters cats who need a home. It's growing more and more common to keep your cats indoors, and I really think this is a good idea (aslong as you have plenty of space for him/her to explore.) Or if you let them out, make sure you definitely get them microchipped. I heard about this GPS gagdet you can attach to their collars! So if they've been taken, they're lost or injured - you will know exactly where they are. Cool right!? 

Look forward to many more cute photos of Winston. Do you have a cat? What's their name and why?