Thursday, 13 June 2013

The Vintage Look

I have decided I must try out different make up looks to be slightly adventurous. Today I tried to mimic Dita Von Teese's make up, but I didn't end up looking like her at all due to my olive skin (damn you Arabic genes.) That's part of the reason I put the pictures in black and white - but I think it just adds to the vintage feel anyway. Dita has strong dark eyebrows, thick liner with a straight flick, bright ass red lipstick and a little fake black beauty mole below her eye. She always wears false lashes too, but I don't actually own a pair because my lashes are pretty long anyway. I think this is such a lovely look, I'm definitely going to try to do some vintage hairstyles too. 

I look more rockabilly here due to the scruffy hair and handkerchief headband. Oh well! 

Do you like vintage make up/hair styles? Maybe you should try it out too!