Saturday, 8 June 2013

Summer Wishlist

Summer is coming and I am lacking some essentials. I've been really wanting a couple of pieces recently, so I thought I'd make a collage of them all! 

1., £58 - I have been wanting some tan wedges for literally years. I wouldn't normally spend that much on a pair of shoes, but I think I'm going to have to because of how nice they look.

2., £15 - I literally stumbled across this website by searching "floral headband" on Google. They have so many colours and styles at a really good price. As I scrolled down I saw a picture of Zoella ( from yonks ago with a headband on that she'd bought! 

3., £15 - This is another of their headbands, both of them are so cute. 

4., £36 - This looks like the perfect simple sun dress, and I love the side detailing. They have the same dress in blue and and black too. I also love the crochet side detailing.

5., £38 - Topshop is so good for sun dresses. This dress reminds me of a 1920s frock some The Notebook or something. Ah I love it so much!!! 

6., £45 - Why aren't choker necklaces more in fashion? I think they're so cute. Remember the tattoo choker necklaces in the 90's? Now they were cool.

7., £24 - Obviously sunglasses are a must have in the Summer. I especially love these from a brand called spitfire because they have flip up lenses. So if the sun goes away, just flip them up! 

What are your Summer must haves?