Sunday, 19 January 2014

Current Fashion Trends

This Winter has been great for fashion trends, and I'm excited for what the rest of 2014 has in store for us. From mono colours to fluffy jumpers and logo t-shirts, there's many different trends I'm in love with at the moment. 

"Word Up!"
I love wearing these types of t-shirts, I have the kangeroo Monki t-shirt and it's a staple piece of mine. Slogan t-shirts make your outfit fun and casual. 
Smoking Granny Clover Canyon T-Shirt £100 Hiya Topshop T-Shirt £16 Kangeroo Monki T-Shirt £8

I'm pretty sure The Great Gatsby inspired this, but regardless - I'm thankful. Sequins and pleated dresses are to die for, along with the finger curls, deep red lips and faux fur. To die for"

Miss Selfridge Flapper Dress £150 Jigsaw Flapper Dress £41 Dorothy Perkins Faux Fur Coat £55

Fluffy Jumper
No one can deny a fluffy jumper, especially me. They're super comfortable and look trendy, I especially love the pastel colours.

Topshop Blue Jumper £34 Topshop Pink Jumper £34 Topshop Cream Jumper £29

Midi Rings
I'm in love with midi rings, I think they complete my outfit along with a nude lipstick. The only thing is they constantly slip off, I've lost one or two of them because of that. If you're going to buy them, get sterling silver! Or your fingers will turn green and your ring will turn a brass colour, I've learnt the hard way.

Regal Rose Initial Midi Ring £20 Dixi Arrow Midi Ring £14 Regal Rose Sun & Stars Midi Ring

The Embellished
Embellished jumpers, embellished dresses, embellished shoes - embellished everything!

Zara Embellished Slippers £19.99 Topshop Embellished Skirt £42 Topshop Embellished Jumper £40